• Innovative all-IP communications solutions, starting with consumer V2oIP and multi-party business collaboration to VoLTE carriers standards and industrial V2oIP
  • Various applications for business and private collaboration, videoconferencing, VoIP communications, web portals, social networks, gaming, education and government, IMS-based services, unified communications and fixed-mobile convergence

TeamSpirit® Voice & Video Engine (VVoIP P2P)

SPIRIT DSP offers complete highly optimized p2p VVoIP software products, integration services and support. SPIRIT DSP’s media engine allows carriers, mobile messaging app providers and device manufacturers to differentiate from the competition by bringing superior HD quality voice and video communication services, streamline time-to-market, enhance customer loyalty, reduce churn and boost revenues.

  • Media processing only

  • Supports Peer-to-Peer calls + 3-way client-side conferencing

  • Supports iOS, Android, Win Phone tablets and smartphones, Win and Mac

  • Deliverables are stand-alone client-side SDK (engines) for each specific platform

TeamSpirit® Voice and Video Engine is a digital signal and network processing SDK designed for the rapid development of high-quality, multi-platform voice and video over IP applications. VVoIP Engine enables superior HD voice and video communications on all popular mobile and desktop platforms. With VVoIP Engine developers can focus on their own applications and quickly bring new products to the market.

TeamSpirit® Voice and Video Engine

TeamSpirit® Voice and Video Engine includes:

  • Resource-efficient voice and video codecs, such as: G.711, G.72x, GSM AMR NB/WB, Speex, SILK, iLBC, etc. and SPIRIT IP-MR™ (IETF RFC 6262), a patent-free adaptive wideband codec specifically optimized for robust high-quality voice transmission over IP networks, H.263, H.264, and Google VP8 video codecs along with hardware and software video acceleration support.
  • Cutting-edge speech enhancement component with tightly integrated Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) (best-in-class desktop and mobile Acoustic Echo Canceller), Noise Suppression, Gain and Howling Controls and smart Sound IO module for interaction with any device’s IO subsystem.
  • Dedicated module (adaptive jitter buffer, packet loss concealment integrated with RTP RTCP stack and more) for IP network impairments compensation, such as latency, jitter and packet loss with various voice and video packet loss robustness and quality improvement algorithms.

For each operating system, the SDK provides one single tightly integrated Media Engine library encapsulating all necessary signal and network processing components under the hood. The high-level Engine API allows developers to create a full-fledged app with HD calling capabilities by using just seven lines of code. The API provides the ability to implement virtually any voice and video call scenario, as well as many complimentary functionalities that increases the quality of the end-user experience.

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  • Better compete with mobile messaging startups on 3G and LTE networks to keep and aggressively expand your user base
  • Avoid engineering efforts and keep your team focused on your own application
  • Fast time-to-market, all popular smartphone and tablet platforms supported
  • Surprise users with premium cross-platform HD voice and video quality

Key features

  • Power-efficient mobile voice and video engine for all popular mobile and desktop platforms (iOS, Android, Win Phone, PC, Mac, more)
  • Outstanding HD audio/video call quality and performance on any device on WiFi/3G/WiMax/LTE
  • Advanced stream protection and real-time adaptation to changes in network, execution and physical environment
  • Scalable media server for high-performance video conferencing
  • Developer-friendly SDK already used by creators of hundreds of market-leading products and services
  • Effective support by Voice & Video Engine Experts with 20+ years of experience in digital signal processing