1 billion users in 100 countries

Videoconferencing for Enterprises

  • Inexpensive videoconferencing for every work place
  • Control, administration and security
  • Support HD video of multiple participants
  • Teamwork, document sharing, conference moderation

VideoMost is designed for enterprises that want comprehensive and inexpensive multi-point HD videoconferencing and document sharing. VideoMost software enables up to 50 interactive people (not 1-way broadcasting) in a video room and works in any browser (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) on Windows, Mac or iPad.


VideoMost is based on the award-winning TeamSpirit® Conferencing Platform that provides carrier-grade scalable voice and video communications with video quality adaptive for every participant.


Dedicated VideoMost Server offers the benefits of high performance, security, stability, and control. Install VideoMost in your corporate network and everyone in your organization will be video communicating and collaborating more effectively from anywhere they have a broadband Internet connection.


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