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H.264 HP

H.264 HP video codec is intended for encoding and decoding of video sequence and is compliant with ITU-T H.264 standard, high profile. Codec supports:

  • I-, P- and B-slices
  • All inter and intra prediction modes specified by standard
  • Subpixel motion compensation (up to quarter-pixel precision)
  • Multiple Slice Encoding
  • Multiple Reference Frames
  • Low Delay DPB management Mode
  • Dynamic allocation of key frame insertion
  • Robust coding mode: using redundant intra-macroblocks
  • Decoder supports Flexible Macroblock Ordering
  • Decoder supports Arbitrary Slice Ordering
  • 8×8 DCT
  • Quantization scaling matrices
  • Separate Cb and Cr QP control

H.264 HP video codec supports standard picture sizes: SQCIF(128×96), QCIF(176×144), CIF (352×288),  4CIF(704×576), 16CIF (1408×1152) and custom picture size.

H.264 HP video codec supports video stream packetization and depacketization in compliance with the RFC 3984 for Internet transmission over RTP protocol:

  • Packetization modes 0 and 1
  • Parameters set is transmitted in-band.

To integrate H.264 HP into your video conferencing application or service please send us a request at sales@spiritdsp.com

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