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SPIRIT advances again in Media Phones

Polycom uses SPIRIT Technology within Its First Business Media Phone

MOSCOW, Russia – April 14, 2009 – SPIRIT DSP, the world’s leading provider of carrier-grade voice and video software engines, announced today that SPIRIT voice processing software is deployed in the Polycom® VVX™ 1500 business media phone.

The Polycom VVX 1500, with Polycom HD Voice™, combines a personal video conferencing system with a fully featured voice over IP (VoIP) telephone, open application programming interface (API) and micro-browser for real-time delivery of personalized Web content as well as integration with key business applications. Being a part of TeamSpirit® 3.0 Voice&Video Engine, a voice processing solution based on highly efficient G.729ab codec enables Polycom to provide low bit rate mode support on the VVX1500 for those applications that have especially challenging bandwidth requirements on the customer’s network.

«We’re pleased to be working with SPIRIT, a quality contributor to the extraordinary performance of VVX 1500,» said Jeff Rodman, Polycom co-founder and CTO of the company’s voice communications solutions group. «SPIRIT has been a long-term partner, providing excellent technology that helps reduce bandwidth requirements».

«Media phones are connected devices which completely redefine desktop communications and conferencing. To carriers, media phones are widely opened doors, providing subscribers with seamless access to a great variety of services available in the Internet», stated Alex Kravchenko, VP Sales of SPIRIT. «However, the main purpose of a media phone is still to deliver crystal clear voice and video communication. Today carrier’s backbones are overloaded with heavy traffic like video and torrents, while last miles are pinched by growing usage of Internet-intensive applications. In this congested environment «smart» terminal solution like TeamSpirit® 3.0 Voice&Video Engine not only delivers ITU-T standard codecs but an impressive and comprehensive set of technologies that complements and amplifies network-specific QoS in order to secure positive end-user experience and perception of innovative IP-based services.»

Earlier this year SPIRIT announced availability of its carrier-grade TeamSpirit® 3.0 Voice&Video Engines for IP-based Media Phones. The solution has been already integrated into Reigncom’s Wave Home device, successfully passed carrier’s quality, benchmarking and interoperability tests and launched by Korea Telecom as a part of its Services-over-IP (SoIP) initiative.

SPIRIT’s carrier grade Voice&Video Engines are comprehensive pre-integrated software suites, available on a wide range of platforms including Intel Atom, ARM9E/11, ARM Cortex A8, Marvell PXA, TI OMAP3. A library of highly optimized, low-MHz speech and video codecs, voice and video synchronization tools, speech enhancement algorithms and network optimizing functionality effectively solve all IP-immanent issues, including echo and noise, delay (jitter), packet loss and last mile congestion. SPIRIT carrier-grade engines have low resource consumption, which results in lower processor load, allowing users to multitask, running several applications simultaneously.


SPIRIT DSP (www.spiritDSP.com) is the world’s leading provider of carrier-grade voice & video software engines since 1996. SPIRIT communication software is used in over 80 countries and powers more than 100 million voice channels. SPIRIT counts among its direct customers Adobe, ARM, AT&T, Blizzard, BT, China Mobile, Cisco, Ericsson, HP, HTC, Huawei, Korea Telecom, Kyocera, LG, Microsoft, NEC, Oracle, Polycom, Radvision, Samsung, Siemens, Skype, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, ZTE, and 200+ other telcos, OEMs and software vendors. SPIRIT smart-phone OEM customers’ shipments jointly exceed 60% share of the global market.

13 апреля 2009