1 billion users in 100 countries

VideoMost 4.0 software server enables 100-point interactive video conference

December 10, 2014 SPIRIT DSP, the world’s No. 1 voice and video over IP engines provider serving more than one billion users in over 100 countries, announced today release of the new version of its massively multipoint web-videoconferencing software VideoMost 4.0. This new version enables concurrent, interactive video participation of 100 people in each conference on PCs and tablets.

VideoMost 4.0 allows up to 100 participants in a conference to receive and transmit video and voice from all other participants without any additional settings. VideoMost 4.0 allows live video discussion via the Internet providing full interactivity for sharing ideas, like in real life.

VideoMost 4.0 will expand the opportunities for large organizations, allowing discussions and meetings being almost unbound by the number of participants. Educational institutions will appreciate the new opportunities to increase the efficiency of learning and interactive communication between pupils, students and teachers in large virtual classrooms.

The new VideoMost version has also expanded functionality including: moderation, speakers management, text chat pre-moderation, XML-RPC protocol support, scalability increase to nearly unlimited number of conferences in a cluster, customizable reports, and many other new features, demanded by large corporate customers.

«Interactive video participation of up to 100 people in a VideoMost 4.0 conference is highly demanded by our large corporate customers, while no VideoMost competitors, can deliver such functionality,» says Andrew Sviridenko, Chairman of SPIRIT DSP.

About VideoMost

VideoMost is an award-winning massively multipoint web-based videoconferencing software-only product, enabling telecom carriers, service/SaaS providers and enterprises to deliver a self-branded videoconferencing service from the cloud or with on-premise installation. The software supports up to 100 fully interactive video participants in a conference room plus video broadcast to 500 more people and is powered by SPIRIT’s TeamSpirit Conferencing (both server- and client-side), which embraces scalable H.264SVC and VP8 video codecs and SPIRIT’s HD-quality IP-MRTM wideband voice codec (IETF RFC 6262) that automatically adapts video quality to bandwidth and processor power available. VideoMost delivers up to 30 fps HD-video for each participant in a conference while requiring only 512 kbps of bandwidth.

The VideoMost software server supports an unprecedented 1000 concurrent video channels per $4000 PC hardware server, dramatically cutting down service providers’ costs for hardware server infrastructure. VideoMost is uniquely universal, and includes admin controls with single authorization and contact lists; desktop/file sharing, recording and messaging capabilities; LDAP support, integration with emails and calendars,  SIP support for legacy videoconferencing endpoints; presence and more functions.


SPIRIT DSP is the world’s #1 voice and video over IP (VVoIP) engines provider. SPIRIT’s innovative carrier-grade voice and video software platform is used by carriers, OEMs and software developers, serving more VoIP users than Skype. SPIRIT DSP software platforms serve more than 1 billion users in 100 countries. Over 250 global technology leaders have licensed and/or are delivering products based on SPIRIT DSP software products, including Apple, Adobe, ARM, AT&T, Avaya, Blizzard, BroadSoft, BT, China Mobile, Dialogic, Ericsson, HP, HTC, Huawei, Korea Telecom, Kyocera, LG U+, Microsoft, NEC, Oracle, Polycom, Reliance, Samsung, Skype, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Viber, ZTE. SPIRIT’s direct OEM customers jointly exceed 60 percent of the global smartphone market share.

SPIRIT DSP mainstream product today is multi-point web videoconferencing software server VideoMost SDK targeted at service providers and telcos.  SPIRIT DSP offers its multipoint videoconferencing software products to carriers around the world who are deploying high-demand cloud videoconferencing and mobile video calling services under their own brands. Videoconferencing services based on SPIRIT DSP software help operators to gain extra revenue and effectively compete against Microsoft Lync, Cisco Webex and Google Hangouts offerings for the enterprises.

For software developers VideoMost SDK enables seamless integration of multi-point HD videoconferencing solutions into web-based services, cloud platforms, business applications, intranet portals, e-learning, call center solutions, and more.

10 декабря 2014