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SPIRIT announces TeamSpirit® 2.0 Multi-Point Voice Conferencing Engine for enterprise collaboration software vendors

VON, San Jose, California — March 14, 2006 — SPIRIT DSP, the world’s leading provider of embedded voice and communication software products, today announced the second release of TeamSpirit®, a multi-point voice conferencing engine for enterprise collaboration software vendors. Today enterprise software vendors get integrated VoIP and collaboration tool within single logical solution, powerful conferencing capabilities and wide-band quality voice.

TeamSpirit® Voice Engine provides sophisticated conferencing features and ease of integration with standard based and proprietary enterprise instant messengers (EIMs), application and document sharing tools as well as with enterprise hardware infrastructure — media gateways (MGs), IP based private branch eXchange (IP PBXs), and other products. TeamSpirit® 2.0 Voice Engine gives software vendors full control over end-to-end quality of service ensuring high quality voice for their applications.

«Software leaders are full speed into software-based multi-point VoIP conferencing products, because advantages of software-based conferencing include low price per port, low costs of procurement, development, deployment, maintenance and the ability to integrate closely with video and data, add new features and control traffic of different media types.» — said Slava Borilin, SPIRIT’s VoIP Product Director. «The second version of TeamSpirit® is a complete client-server voice conferencing solution with software development kits (SDKs) available for server and client. TeamSpirit® 2.0 Voice Engine helps software vendors to empower their collaboration and conferencing products with voice, so enterprises can enjoy a seamless integration of voice with instant messengers, application and document sharing tools.»

TeamSpirit® 2.0 Voice Engine includes components which help to overcome network challenges such as delay, jitter and packet loss; it comprises necessary technologies to preserve CPU resources on the server, to minimize network traffic, and to guarantee effective concurrent data exchange of different media types.

TeamSpirit® 2.0 Voice Engine with its client and server SDKs enable enterprise software vendors to achieve the following:

  • Support of different communication scenarios: PC-to-PC calling, PC-to-PSTN calling, conferencing, ad hoc conferencing;
  • Simple IVR capabilities;
  • Recording and Playback;
  • Integration and control of different media traffic: voice, video, data;
  • Cross-platform availability: desktop PCs, smartphones, PDAs.

TeamSpirit® 2.0 Voice Engine falls into client and server parts providing corresponding SDKs. Together client and server parts combine over 20 of different algorithms and technologies which account for:

  • Excellent (wideband) quality voice and smart network traffic usage;
  • P2P calling and ad-hoc conferencing support with up to 7 people;
  • Centralized conferencing with 1200 participants on one PC server;
  • Unlimited number of users in a conference without quality degradation;
  • No voice downtime at any application load /network traffic change;
  • Independent traffic control for all parties in a call/conference (bit rate varies in 6 to 32 kbps range);
  • Media gateway support with standard codecs (G.711, G.729, GSM AMR NB, iLBC);
  • Cascading conferencing server scalability

TeamSpirit® 2.0 Voice Engine SDKs are available both on server (Linux, Windows) and on client (Windows, Linux, Mac, WinCE).

The TeamSpirit® multi-point voice conferencing engine is now in high demand by enterprise customers and has already been deployed by a number of world-class enterprise collaboration and conferencing software customers, including Adobe and Oracle. TeamSpirit® is used as a voice layer inside Oracle Collaboration Suite and provides hands-free multipoint VoIP conferencing. TeamSpirit® enhances the voice quality of Paltalk voice and video conferencing community. TeamSpirit® is implemented as a Voice Engine in Macromedia ® Flash application Breeze™ targeted for collaboration, communication and online trainings. The latest SPIRIT Voice Engine is tuned for easy and fast integration into applications including PC and Pocket softphones, 3G video enabled phones and V2oIP CPEs (Voice & video over IP customer premises equipment).


SPIRIT DSP (www.spiritDSP.com) is the world’s leading provider of carrier-grade voice & video software engines since 1996. SPIRIT communication software is used in over 80 countries and powers more than 100 million voice channels. SPIRIT counts among its direct customers Adobe, ARM, AT&T, Blizzard, BT, China Mobile, Cisco, Ericsson, HP, HTC, Huawei, Korea Telecom, Kyocera, LG, Microsoft, NEC, Oracle, Polycom, Radvision, Samsung, Siemens, Skype, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, ZTE, and 200+ other telcos, OEMs and software vendors. SPIRIT smart-phone OEM customers’ shipments jointly exceed 60% share of the global market.

13 марта 2006