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SPIRIT Audio Engine software on Analog Devices’ Blackfin® Processor brings new value to professional audio market

Sound Devices LLC selects SPIRIT Audio Engine on Blackfin processor

Moscow, 30 July, 2007 — SPIRIT DSP (www.spiritDSP.com), the world’s leading provider of embedded voice, video and audio software products, announced today that SPIRIT Audio Engine now supports the Blackfin® Processor architecture, and that SPIRIT is now a member of The Collaborative, Analog Devices’ Third Party Program for Embedded Processor and DSP applications. SPIRIT Audio Engine is based on highly optimized audio codecs and the SPIRIT MP3 Encoder can rip up to 25 professional quality stereo channels on a single 533 MHz Blackfin® core.

This collaboration between SPIRIT and Analog Devices has already shown success with Sound Devices LLC, a leading manufacturer of high-performance audio electronics for field production, which recently chose SPIRIT software and Blackfin to enhance its digital audio recording systems. Sound Devices’ 7-Series family replaces digital and analog tape-based portable recorders with far more powerful file-based digital recording devices.

«We are pleased to enhance Analog Devices processors with our Audio Engine software. SPIRIT has invoked the best-of-breed development and testing to achieve the world’s best optimization while securing high-end audio quality. Typically, SPIRIT Audio Engine exceeds quality requirements defined in the standards, because we use enhanced perceptual quality estimation tools», said Alex Kravchenko, VP Sales & Marketing at SPIRIT DSP. «SPIRIT Audio Engine is indeed perfectly positioned to become the best choice for professional audio equipment like those from Sound Devices.»

«Professional audio developers are constantly challenged to lower costs and increase capacity of their solutions. SPIRIT has managed to meet this challenge and bring high efficiency and superb sound quality,» said Mike Haidar, Digital Home Product Line Director, Analog Devices. «It’s exciting to see innovators like SPIRIT embracing Blackfin to advance the state of the art in the audio market».

SPIRIT Audio Engine is a complete set of audio processing software: audio and voice codecs, as well as post processing utilities. SPIRIT Audio Engine allowed Sound Devices to seamlessly add high-end MP3 record functionality while using significantly less system resources.

SPIRIT audio software provides unsurpassed professional sound quality as proven by independent tests. SPIRIT Audio Engine processes audio with a perceptual signal-to-noise ratio of 96 dB (PSNR) and very few audible artifacts. Every day SPIRIT adds new platforms to the list of those supported by its Audio, Voice and Video Engines, and Analog Devices Blackfin® processor is a new star in a galaxy of platforms supported by SPIRIT.


SPIRIT DSP (www.spiritDSP.com) is the world’s leading provider of carrier-grade voice & video software engines since 1996. SPIRIT communication software is used in over 80 countries and powers more than 100 million voice channels. SPIRIT counts among its direct customers Adobe, ARM, AT&T, Blizzard, BT, China Mobile, Cisco, Ericsson, HP, HTC, Huawei, Korea Telecom, Kyocera, LG, Microsoft, NEC, Oracle, Polycom, Radvision, Samsung, Siemens, Skype, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, ZTE, and 200+ other telcos, OEMs and software vendors. SPIRIT smart-phone OEM customers’ shipments jointly exceed 60% share of the global market.

29 июля 2007