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VideoMost Web Videoconferencing

VideoMost web version allows video conference access from any web-browser (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome), which is best positioned for SAAS video conferencing service that can be hosted by System Integrators, Service Providers or Telcos for their enterprise customers.


VideoMost platform gives Service Providers and System Integrators outstanding flexibility: white label license allows you to customize VideoMost (including GUI) and provide services under your own brand


Use VideoMost video conference either as a standalone service or integrate it into other software products and web services– VideoMost architecture enables easy integration with business applications, web-based services, datacenters, call center solutions, etc.


VideoMost web version provides a complete web-based video conferencing environment that empowers users to manage their contacts and room settings while providing IT staff with centralized administration capabilities.




  • Guest link allows non-credential users to join a conference without account registration
  • Users and guests can join a meeting using meeting links
  • Users can invite guests via email client
  • Additional participants can be added on the fly
  • Passwords are created for restricted meeting access
  • Users can moderate their own meetings with easy-to-use controls


VideoMost Space downloadable application and VideoMost web-version can work nicely together as clients in the same video conference.