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TeamSpirit Instant Messenger

TeamSpirit IM — complete mobile instant messaging solution for service providers

People now are communicating more than ever and spending the majority of their time in messaging applications. To stay relevant service providers should be able to offer their subscribers a service that enable quick problem solving, information sharing and sending files in real time.


TeamSpirit IM is a complete set of source code, from UI to backend, that quickly enables rich, engaging messaging experiences in every mobile app. Licensees may modify the IM source code and include it into products/apps. TeamSpirit IM is not a cloud service, the license includes source code for the backend as well.

SPIRIT’s white-label TeamSpirit IM is licensed to service providers:

  • for Android and iOS;
  • for web clients and on-premise back-end server;
  • with unlimited usage and source code modification rights
  • with RCS 6.0 support

TeamSpirit IM for enterprise communications:

SPIRIT offers TeamSpirit IM for robust corporate chat solution with all features employees would expect. With full-featured enterprise instant messaging tool employees are given a safe, secure way to ask quick questions, share links, huddle for a joint decision, exchange ideas, and brainstorm. Such corporate messenger will move day-to-day business communications from popular unsecure messaging apps to internal and intuitive in use application.

Corporate messenger enhances productivity, enables mobility, and most importantly, it keeps company’s data safe. All enterprise communications will take place in private thanks to on-premises installation of TeamSpirit IM server that secures corporate data from leakage. SPIRIT also provides IM’s admin interface to manage groups, users and permissions. Enterprise system administrator can setup limitation for each client, set quota for a certain organization, limit number of users/groups/rooms.

TeamSpirit IM provides all standard features of popular messaging apps:

  • send messages to a person or group;
  • messages with photos/pictures;
  • messages with attached files of different formats;
  • media attachment played without leaving app;
  • stickers set;
  • private and group chats;
  • new room creation;
  • message editing and deleting;
  • user statuses: “online” and “is typing”
  • alerts “join/leave”;
  • status for messages: “sent”, “received”, “have been read”;
  • sharing of contacts and location info;
  • add and forward favorites;
  • in-app notifications;
  • an option to mute notifications;
  • personalization: avatars, name/nickname, description.

Extended IP messaging functionality with mobile voice and video calls

Voice over Wi-Fi and group video calling are also in high demand now by subscribers. With TeamSpirit’s IM upgrade option, telecom operators and service providers can now extend IP messaging functionality with mobile peer-to-peer (Wi-Fi calling) and multipoint voice and video calls.


Business-grade video conferences on mobile

VideoMost SDK video conferencing supports up to 16 videos on mobile screen, is based on Scalable Video Coding and allows business-grade communications on mobile devices (both iOS and Android). VideoMost SDK is complete with document sharing and SIP/H.323 support for legacy video conferencing hardware interoperability. VideoMost SDK delivers reliable and secure communications for work groups where each user can set up a conference, add new contacts, and send push notifications with one click.

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