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AV1 video codec overview


AV1 is emerging video codec aimed to deliver a 30% better compression than VP9 & H.265/HEVC with reasonable increases in encoding and playback complexity.


For companies, that translates to smaller video files that are faster and cheaper to transmit and take up less storage space in their data centers. The rest will have access to gorgeous, high-definition video through the sites and services already known and loved.


World’s major software and hardware market leaders have already announced they backed AV1: Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Cisco, Apple, Intel, AMD, Broadcom, ARM, Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, BBC, Amazon and Hulu.


AV1 benefits:

  • Consistent high-quality real-time video delivery
  • Scalability to modern devices at various bandwidths
  • Tractable computational footprint
  • Optimization for hardware
  • Flexibility for both commercial and noncommercial content, including user-generated content.

AV1 is royalty-free, so anyone can use it free of charge.


Software companies can use AV1 to build video streaming into their applications. Web developers can build their own video players for their sites. It can open up business opportunities, and remove barriers to entry for entrepreneurs, artists, and regular people. Most importantly, a royalty-free codec can help keep high-quality video affordable for everyone.