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Instant Messenger

Affordable license for source code of mobile IM – both server and mobile clients

SPIRIT DSP offers its mobile IM source code (both Android / iOS, web clients and on-premise back-end server) license for a one-time fee as low as $20K. The License includes unlimited usage and source code modification rights. No need to pay any monthly or service fees.

VideoMost® IM is a complete set of source code, from UI to backend, that quickly enables rich, engaging messaging experiences in every mobile app. Full set of standard IM options is supported. For enterprise communications VideoMost® IM server can be installed on-premises to secure corporate data from leakage. Licensees may modify the IM source code and include it into products/apps. VideoMost® IM is not a cloud service, the license includes source code for the backend server as well.

VideoMost® IM provides all features of popular messaging apps:

  • Send messages to a person or group;
  • Messages with photos/pictures;
  • Messages with attached files of different formats;
  • Media attachment played without leaving app;
  • Stickers set;
  • Private and group chats;
  • New room creation;
  • Message editing and deleting;
  • User statuses: “online” and “is typing”
  • Alerts “join/leave”;
  • Status for messages: “sent”, “received”, “have been read”;
  • Sharing of contacts and location info;
  • Add and forward favorites;
  • In-app notifications;
  • An option to mute notifications;
  • Personalization: avatars, name/nickname, description.

VideoMost® IM can be easily upgraded to mobile P2P (Wi-Fi video calling) and multipoint video calls with VideoMost® SDK video conferencing server. VideoMost® SDK supports up to 16 videos on mobile screen and allows business-grade communications on mobile devices (both iOS and Android). VideoMost® SDK is complete with doc sharing and XMPP/SIP/H.323 support for seamless interoperability with legacy video conferencing hardware.

To integrate Instant Messenger into your video conferencing application or service please fill request below:

    or send us an email at sales@spiritdsp.com

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