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Binary Floor Control Protocol (BFCP)

Within a conference, some applications need to manage the access to a set of shared resources, such as the right to send media to a particular media session. BFCP enables such applications to provide users with coordinated (shared or exclusive) access to these resources.

SPIRIT offers BFCP to implement sharing of different media types into IP voice and video conferencing platform or service.

BFCP is based on floor control mechanism where “Floor” is the permission to show slides and other docs by presenter or access shared resource(s) by participants. This floor-control mechanism can also encompass functions available in a collaboration application stack, such as the ability to share the content of the presenter’s desktop, application, or web browser.

BFCP provides the ability to manage multiple streams being presented during a collaboration session using floor control. BFCP accomplishes this management using a token-based mechanism where a single presenter can request control of the floor from the floor-control server. When this request is granted, the presenter holds the token and has the ability to open an additional video stream to provide presentation data. Later, the participants will send Floor Requests to floor control server to join the stream which will be approved or rejected by presenter.

The Binary Floor Control Protocol plays a very important role in helping manage diverse types of content being shared across multiple parties in a conference session. Today’s modern implementations of BFCP span web conferencing applications as well as video and audio conferencing solutions across a wide array of vendors.

BFCP includes RFC 4582, supplementary RFCs & customizations for vendor specific behavior (Polycom, Huawei & etc)

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