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Video Conferencing Server SDK with Mobile Clients

VideoMost®SDK is an all-inclusive set of VVoIP media processing technologies, signaling protocols and collaboration tools for licensing to telecom operators, service providers and software developers

VideoMost® SDK is video conferencing software server complete with mobile IM video client working across different OS (including Android, iOS, Mac OS and Windows) and web browsers. This enterprise-ready product delivers SVC HD voice and video and supports up to 16 videos on a mobile screen. In addition to HD videoconferences a wide range of collaboration tools are available. VideoMost® SDK enables embedding group mobile video call into your app as a function. VideoMost® SDK supports both SIP and H.323 protocols for legacy video conferencing hardware interoperability. With VideoMost® SDK telecom operators and service providers can bring additional revenue along with increased subscriber base and strengthen loyalty.

Performance. Scalability. Low costs

VideoMost® SDK is software video conferencing server and mobile clients for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS, complete with SIP and XMPP signaling, firewall/NAT traversal, doc sharing, conference recording, transcoding and more. It supports 1000 concurrent video channels per $2K PC server and enables up to 100 interactive video participants in a conference room.

SPIRIT offers VideoMost® SDK for white-label licensing and allows service providers and software vendors offer video conferencing services under your brand and billing with immediate time-to-market.

Unrivalled video and audio quality

VideoMost® SDK has the strength to keep users connected. Its patented technology delivers superb video call quality even while having poor and unstable network connections. Our technology automatically detects and adjusts to connection speed, which means less dropped calls. No more pixelation. No more annoying paused video messages.

Easy integration. Rich functionality. Fast time to market.

VideoMost® SDK is a client-server software product. Its media processing core is SPIRIT’s VideoMost® Conferencing Engine that provides high-quality voice and video processing and transmission over IP networks.

TeamSpirit® Mobile Video Call SDK for p2p video calls and VideoMost® Server-side Voice & Video Engine for conferencing are available for separate licensing. Start from p2p video client and then progress to video conferencing service using the same VideoMost® SDK. TeamSpirit® Mobile Video Call SDK and VideoMost® SDK are fully compatible with each other, no need to waste time and money for integration.


  • Modular: The SDK is made up of “mix and match” components. This enables developers to create the exact environment needed for specific applications & video conferencing software, while retaining a small footprint and boosting performance
  • High-level APIs: Hides SIP and media complexity to accelerate development time
  • Avoid expensive engineering resources required for development of voice and video conferencing system
  • Save on server infrastructure with unprecedented performance of scalable coding (1000 concurrent video channels per $2K server)

Scalability of VideoMost® Server

Currently single VideoMost® server (using quad 3 GHz CPus) can handle up to 1000 video ports. VideoMost® cluster can handle virtually unlimited number of users/ports. Typical cluster scheme is shown below.


  • Android and iOS clients
  • HD voice and video quality on any device on WiFi/3G/WiMax/LTE
  • Sophisticated video quality adaptation to network impairments
  • Scalable media server
  • Up to 100 interactive video participants in a videoconference
  • Load balancing (to handle thousands of simultaneous videoconferences)
  • Signaling (XMPP, SIP, H.323)
  • STUN/ICE/TURN Server
  • Supports UDP, TCP, HTTP as media transport
  • Content sharing
  • Call Manager API – API for real-time conferencing
  • “XML RPC API”– conference / user lifecycle (schedule a videoconference, create user, etc.)


Capabilities Collaboration tools:

  • Screen, application and document sharing
  • Whiteboard
  • IM text messaging
  • Moderation of meeting rooms and participants
  • Multi-party video calls

Basic features:

  • Call and conference management
  • Notifications
  • Recording and playback (including text)
  • Contact management & search
  • Contact status
  • Allow multiple audio, video and data sources per participant
  • Virtual cameras
  • Layout control
  • Signaling configuration
  • Transport configuration


  • Layout
  • Conference topology
  • Quality control
  • Rendering engine
  • Custom infrastructure
Server API
Clients API
  • C/C++, Java, JavaScript
Server Platforms
  • OS: Linux
  • Web servers: Apache, NGINX
Clients Platforms
  • Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux
  • Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari


  • Up to 100 concurrent interactive video participants per conference.
  • Up to 1000 concurrent interactive video participants in per conferencing server.
  • Up to 16 video participants on a screen
Speech Codecs
  • SPIRIT IP-MR™ (RFC 6262)
  • ITU-T G.711, G.722, G.722.1, G.722.2 (AMR-WB), Opus, Speex

Video Codecs

  • H.264 AVC (Baseline Profile, level 5.1, RFC 3984, MMCO (Part of ITU-T H.264-2012-01))
  • SPIRIT scalable H.264 (temporal and spatial scalability)
  • Google VP8 AVC
  • SIP (RFC 3261)
  • XMPP (RFC 6120, RFC 6121)
  • NAT/Firewall traversal

*Codec set is configurable: SPIRIT delivers only those codecs which match a specific type of the customer’s application

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