Enable premium cross-platform quality in mobile voice and video over IP calls with SPIRIT DSP products.

TeamSpirit® Voice and Video Engine

  • P2P calls and 3-way client-side conferencing
  • All popular tablets and smartphones are supported
  • Deliverables are stand-alone client-side SDK (engines) for each specific platform

TeamSpirit® Transcoding

  • Media transcoding of HD VoIP calls from any IP network to PSTN & video calls from various video conferencing products based on popular codecs
  • Minimal or no patent cost since millions of subscribers are converted to only thousands of concurrent server connections
  • Unmatched scalability as it runs on regular PC servers which are extremely cost efficient

TeamSpirit® Conferencing Engine

  • Supports server-based massively multipoint communication
  • Enables client-server operation for conferencing support
  • Deliverables are Linux/Win-based server-side media conferencing SDK (engine) plus client-side SDK (engines) for each specific platform

VideoMost SDK

  • Enables up to 100 concurrent interactive video participants in each conference room
  • Supports broadcasting to up to 10 000 remote viewers
  • Production-grade conferencing server with load balancing (to handle thousands of simultaneous videoconferences)
  • Includes STUN Server, transport components (UDP, TCP, HTTP as media transports)
  • Document sharing (using VNC client)
  • “Call Manager API” – API for realtime conferencing
  • “XML RPC API”– conference / user lifecycle

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  • Innovative all-IP communications solutions, starting with consumer V2oIP and multi-party business collaboration to VoLTE carriers standards and industrial V2oIP
  • Various applications for business and private collaboration, videoconferencing, VoIP communications, web portals, social networks, gaming, education and government, IMS-based services, unified communications and fixed-mobile convergence