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Spirit offers RCS-e-based mobile VVoIP engine SDK

Embedded software developer Spirit DSP’s TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine Mobile supports the recently released version of the Rich Communication Suite-enhanced (RCS-e 5.0) specification, which includes the IMS-based definitions for mVVoIP (Mobile Voice and Video over IP) calling and conferencing. RCS-e is a GSMA-driven standard for carriers’ IP services that aims to provide interoperable and standards-based functionality to end users, such as IM, presence, sharing and voice and video calls.

The RCS-e specification will allow telecommunication operators to compete with alternative OTT mobile service providers, retain and expand their subscriber base with standards-based mobile applications available across a set of handsets and mobile networks. RCS-e is a framework for creating mobile IMS clients. RCS-e applications integrate with telecommunication operators’ IMS infrastructures, implementing voice and video call functionality using IMS-compliant media streaming and SIP signalling.

TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine Mobile is a digital signal and network processing SDK designed and ideally positioned for the development of mVVoIP applications. TeamSpirit features modules for traditional IP network impairments compensation, such as echo, latency, jitter, congestion and packet loss, with various voice and video packet loss and quality improvement algorithms to maintain call quality in changing network channel conditions.

The Engine is compliant with standard SIP, IMS and VoLTE specifications and has been tested in industry standard tests, as well as benchmark and interoperability tests (BMT/IOT) conducted by the carriers and OTT service providers. With TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine Mobile, developers can bring IMS-compliant voice and video calling functionality to their RCS–e services, applications and devices. Spirit customers Huawei, KT and LG U+ have recognised the power of RCS-e and are creating applications and services based on this standard.
The TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine provides compatibility between RCS-e and VoLTE services. TeamSpirit Engine includes voice and video codecs, echo and noise processing, advanced tools for stream protection and adaptation to changes in network, execution and physical environments.

Apart from standard IMS codecs, Spirit offers IP-MR (IETF 6262) adaptive voice coding technology that has been selected by Tier1 telecommunication operators to provide HD voice communications. TeamSpirit Voice&Video Conferencing Engine is an additional server-side module bringing all the tools of TeamSpirit’s calling to centralised communication scenarios. TeamSpirit Conferencing is based on voice and video technology which enables multipoint conferencing with accurate adaptation to specific capacities of every user’s network connection, screen size and terminal power.

Source: http://www.telecompaper.com/news/spirit-offers-rcs-e-based-mobile-vvoip-engine-sdk

31 мая 2012