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SPIRIT Offers RCS-ready Mobile VVoIP Engine SDK to Carriers and Smartphone OEMs

SPIRIT DSP says that its TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine Mobile supports the recently released version of the Rich Communication Suite (RCS 5.0) specification, which now includes the IMS-based definitions for mVVoIP (Mobile Voice and Video over IP) calling and conferencing.

RCS is a GSMA-driven standard for carriers’ IP services that aims to provide functionality to end users, such as IM, presence, sharing and voice and video calls.

TeamSpirit features modules for traditional IP network impairments compensation, such as echo, latency, jitter, congestion and packet loss, with various voice and video packet loss robustness and quality improvement algorithms to maintain call quality in changing network channel conditions.

The Engine is fully compatible with standard SIP, IMS and VoLTE specifications and has been tested in thousands of industry standard tests, as well as benchmark and interoperability tests (BMT/IOT) conducted by the largest carriers and OTT service providers.

Source: http://www.cellular-news.com/story/54680.php?s=h

04 июня 2012