1 billion users in 100 countries

SPIRIT DSP Leads Industry in Voice & Video Communications


The world’s #1 Video & VoIP engine provider, SPIRIT DSP, announced today that it’s TeamSpirit Engine powers more than 1 billion users of IP-communications worldwide. The number is based on customer royalty reports and public data from the past year. SPIRIT currently is ahead of the market as an instrumental player in voice and video communications, exceeding companies such as Skype and Google in clientele.

SPIRIT has an extensive roster of direct customers with big names, including Apple, Adobe, AT&T, British Telecom, China Mobile, Ericsson, Huawei, HTC, Korea Telecom, LG U+, Microsoft, Oracle, Polycom, Rostelecom, Samsung, Skype, ZTE and more than 250 other companies across America, Europe, and Asia. Their services add HD-quality voice and video across multiple communication platforms and networks.

«The growth of the mobile VoIP, PC video calling and video conferencing market is skyrocketing and we’re pleased that global service providers, OEMs and application developers have selected and use SPIRIT Engines to deliver an HD-quality calling experience to their more than 1 billion mobile and PC customers worldwide. This phenomenal traction underscores that today’s global IP communication players now recognize that communication quality is crucial for consumers and businesses,» said SPIRIT’s Chairman Andrew Sviridenko.

The popularity of VoIP services on smartphones and tablets has inspired many other new VoIP start-ups to join in on the movement. Companies such as Viper have grown incredibly fast, acquiring 70 million mobile VoIP users over a year and a half without any marketing budget whatsoever.

Also riding the surging wave of VoIP, are traditional telcom operators including AT&T, China Mobile, Korea Telcom, LG U+ and others. Telcos have also recently launched their own competing VoIP services, despite previous blocking of Skype on Google in 2005 to avoid burning up valuable voice minutes.

SPIRIT’s calculation of one billion users does not even take into account computers powered by Adobe Flash, which are also reliant on SPIRIT’s voice products. Prime examples of SPIRIT’s engine in motion include Apple’s voice communication and playback on iOS (350 million users), worldwide support on Blizzard’s World of Warcraft (10 million users), China Mobile’s voice (over 500 million users), and many, many others across the globe.

At this juncture, it is difficult to accurately calculate the exact number of Unified and IP-communication channels across all platforms due to the dynamic nature of VoIP calls. However, SPIRIT is clearly a powerhouse in an industry that is seeing consistent and exponential growth, with the top names in voice and video trusting their services and innovations.

Source: http://getvoip.com/news/2012/07/16/spirit-dsp-leads-industry-in-voice-video-communications

16 июля 2012