1 billion users in 100 countries

SPIRIT DSP Powers More than One Billion Users of Global IP Communications Channels

SPIRIT DSP, a developer of embedded software solutions for real-time voice and video communication over IP networks, announced that its TeamSpirit Engines powers more than 1 billion users of IP-communications channels worldwide.
SPIRIT’s calculations are based on its customers’ quarter royalty reports for 2011 and public data from the past 12 months. As the largest voice and video over IP (VVoIP) enabling technology provider worldwide, SPIRIT leads this market over any other VoIP provider, including popular alternative OTT (Over-the-Top) providers like Skype and Google. SPIRIT’s 1 billion users are calculated even without taking into account computers powered by Adobe Flash, which also has SPIRIT’s voice products inside.

The growth of unified communications has highlighted the need for high quality VVoIP capabilities. The total number of VoIP users by industry giants Skype, Google and Microsoft ­the software companies that developed their own VoIP products and engines ­ is less than the total number of channels powered by SPIRIT software.

TeamSpirit Conferencing by SPIRIT DSP allows application developers, service providers and hardware manufacturers the ability to embed complex digital voice and video processing technology into their solutions without worrying about the limitations of IP networks.

«The growth of the mobile VoIP, PC video calling and video conferencing market is skyrocketing and we’re pleased that global service providers, OEMs and application developers have selected and use SPIRIT Engines to deliver an HD-quality calling experience to their more than 1 billion mobile and PC customers worldwide. This phenomenal traction underscores that today’s global IP communication players now recognize that communication quality is crucial for consumers and businesses,» said SPIRIT’s Chairman Andrew Sviridenko.

The TeamSpirit Conferencing platform is a set of plug-n-play interoperable software engines for both the client and server-side. It handles all the media processing with assured carrier-grade quality to provide clear audio and crisp video for a consistent user experience.

Other products SPIRIT DSP offers include voice and video engine, a digital signal and network processing SDK designed for the rapid development of high-quality, multi-platform voice and video over IP applications, and DSP components such as the SPIRIT Audio Engine, SPIRIT Navigation Software and SPIRIT Digital Telephony.

Source: http://ip-communications.tmcnet.com/articles/299580-spirit-dsp-powers-more-than-one-billion-users.htm

19 июля 2012