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SPIRIT DSP Rides the Mobile VoIP Wave

Mainstream adoption of voice-over-IP (VoIP) technologies in wireless and work spaces has been a boon for SPIRIT DSP. The Russian company builds the engines that deliver the PC-based videoconferencing and mobile-based VoIP services that have become part of our everyday life, and that translates into a lot of Rubles.

For the first half of 2012, SPIRIT reports an 80-percent increase in sales revenue. According to the official announcement, SPIRIT customers that contributed to the revenue growth include: AT&T, China Mobile, Kazakhtelecom, KT, LG U+, Rostelecom, Huawei, Polycom, and Samsung.

Part of the success of the TeamSpirit Engines is due to their multi-platform support and interoperability.

TeamSpirit Engines support both RCS-e and VoLTE. The engines include resource-efficient HD voice and video codecs, echo and noise cancelling (AEC), automatic voice and video rate selection (ARS), packet delays mitigation, speech enhancement, network adaptation, voice and video synchronization, a dozen of standard digital telephony functions and more.

«Cross-platform IP communications is being recognized one of the fastest growing markets worldwide, driven by the growing demand from consumers and businesses to use inexpensive, and sometimes free, mobile VoIP calling services, and the convenience and time-saving benefits that come from PC videoconferencing. Today, the calling experience ― even over unmanaged networks like Wi-Fi and 3G ― is as good or better than old, traditional PSTN and mobile calling,» said SPIRIT’s Chairman Andrew Sviridenko.

Source: http://pipelinepub.com/pipelinednn/static/NewsArticle.aspx?ItemID=1581

21 августа 2012