1 billion users in 100 countries

SPIRIT DSP upgrades TeamSpirit Voice and Video Engine for mobile service providers and application developers

SPIRIT DSP, a voice and video over IP engines provider serving more than 1 billion users in 100+ countries, announced a significant upgrade to TeamSpirit Voice and Video Engine, a sophisticated cross-platform mobile VVoIP SDK (Software Development Kit) for service providers, software application developers and OEMs/ODMs. 

TeamSpirit Voice & Video Engine 3.5 supports all the latest most popular mobile OSs, including Android and iOS, as well as a complete variety of PC browsers. It comes with next-gen Automatic Rate Selection (ARS) technology targeted to future RCS/IMS/VoLTE services deployments. The new advanced ARS subsystem handles an even more accurate stream adaptation to changing network environments, enabling solid improvements in quality and stability of voice and video services in 3G/4G networks.

Additionally the latest voice and video engine from SPIRIT DSP supports multi-core CPUs offering better optimization of software codecs and hardware acceleration to greatly increase  the performance (frames per second and resolution) bringing desktop-class video quality to mobile devices.

The solution also supports voice calls in background mode, Notification APIs (such as timeout on absence of incoming video streams) and other new features that allow for the implementation of user-friendly designs. It also supports multiple camera sources (multiple streams), recording to and playback from AVI format, DSCP QoS and improved compatibility with third-party terminals, providing a wide range of opportunities for the implementation of value-added features.

“The world of communications is rapidly changing due to convergence of IT and telecom. The all-IP approach is becoming mainstream in the enterprise and consumer spaces, while the rapid deployment of LTE networks brings rich communications (RCS), HD voice, video calls, SaaS videoconferencing and other amazing services to dozens of millions of users,” said SPIRIT‘s VP, Sales Alexander Kravchenko.

“With TeamSpirit 3.5, we are expanding our partnerships with leading operators and solution providers developing top quality voice and video communication software products for 3G/4G networks, mobile devices and personal computers,” Kravchenko added.

Source: http://www.telecomlead.com/telecom-services/spirit-dsp-upgrades-teamspirit-voice-and-video-engine-for-mobile-service-providers-and-application-developers/

01 октября 2012