1 billion users in 100 countries

SPIRIT Receives Patent for IP-MR Technology

To help improve its speech coding technology for IP-networks, SPIRIT DSP (NewsAlert) announced that it has received a patent for its HD voice codec IP-MR. SPIRIT plans to use this patent to enhance and build on its multilayer, scalable, packet loss-resilient speech coding technology for its more than one billion users in over 100 countries.

SPIRIT DSP, which was founded in 1992, develops embedded software solutions for real-time voice and video communication over IP. The company specializes in applying its technology to PC and mobile applications such as soft phones, IP phones, Enterprise Mobility, and IP gateways. Although the company is located in Moscow, it has branched out to include sales offices throughout the United States, Japan, Korea, Israel, Italy, Germany, France, Singapore, Taiwan, and China.

The company has seen success both domestically and internationally with its voice over IP engines. However, it saw the potential benefits of adding the IP-MR codec to its technology.

“One of the advantages of the patented IP-MR is its ability to adapt on the fly to changing bandwidth. The codec’s variable bit rate provides the best possible quality of speech or audio for current network conditions,” said SPIRIT in a statement. “Its capabilities are enhanced by its robustness to packet loss and delay. Built-in mechanism help to provide high speech quality even when the work is overloaded and/or has insufficient resources.”

Andrew Sviridenko, SPIRIT’s chairman, said this move would be instrumental for SPIRIT. “We are very pleased that after multiple commercial deployments with telcos the codec was adopted as a RFC by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force.),” said Sviridenko.

SPIRIT said by having access to this new patent it will be able to take its technology to the next level and offer consumers even more to optimize and increase their traffic. In addition, consumers can expect a more complex algorithm, the ability to connect multiple participants that use channels on different bandwidth, and optimization of voice traffic.

Source: http://www.tmcnet.com/channels/voice-peering/articles/318817-spirit-receives-patent-ip-mr-technology.htm

06 декабря 2012